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Mattress Cleaning

Ezydry Carpet Cleaning is a company with an experience of over 15 years in the domain of mattress cleaning. We extend our services to various hotels, resorts as well as households in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We are aware of the right products and exact techniques that should be practiced to make your mattresses cleaned and sanitised. While other companies try to draw the attention of people with ultra-light vacuum systems, they do not make people aware that these machines are just meant for surface cleaning. A mattress is a home not just to dust but, microbes, germs, bacteria, bed bugs and dust mites , which cannot be cleaned using a mere vacuum cleaner. It requires complete sanitization that can only be done with a proper treatment. At Ezydry, a mattress undergoes high powered steam cleaning followed by thorough rinsing. Such treatment is essential to be taken at least once every 12 months to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the mattress that you use all year round. Not paying attention to its cleanliness can pose health risks. The most likely to catch harmful germs are children, who are still in their developing stage. Hence, mattress cleaning should be actively attended.

While most of us overlook the importance of mattress cleaning, here is why you should pay heed to it. Over a period of time, the surface of a mattress gets accumulated with pollens, dust, bacteria and various unwanted irritants, which are harmful to your health. For this reason, it is crucial to consider mattress cleaning once in a while. Taking care of this one procedure can reduce germs in your space to a lot, leaving your home substantially clean. Ignoring it can introduce problems like skin rashes, irritation etc. Such problems become severe in the long run. Let not the tiny invaders on your mattress surface build a society in your home. Therefore, it is best to get rid of the unwanted pollutants by taking our professional services. We will make sure that every little particle of dirt is withdrawn from your mattress and thereafter from your home.

Ezydry aims to extend their affordable services to one and all, with our extensive knowledge of the domain, we know the right products that should be used for sanitizing your mattress. After the treatment, the item will be clean and disinfected, which assures a healthy environment for you and your family members. The most impressive part of our service is that your bulky mattresses do not require any transfer; our experts will visit your place and clean it where it is, hence saving a lot of time and effort. Moreover, we use non toxic chemicals in the cleaning process. We are very careful about maintaining the environment of your home to its best, which keeps us from using any harsh solvents.

If you want to get your mattresses cleaned the right way in just one attempt, call! EZYDRY today. We assure you stain free, dust free and disinfected mattresses at competitive prices.


To have your mattress hygienically cleaned!
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