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    It is not uncommon to seek expert services for leather cleaning Gold Coast. Woolen, cotton, or any other fabric except leather over your upholstery requires different types of cleaning. But the basics for all of such services remain the same. But, when it comes to leather cleaning, everything changes. You as the owner of the upholstered furniture or lounge get reluctant in hiring services that does not offer exclusive services for leather cleaning Gold Coast.

    As a matter of fact, it is wise not to hire services that lack exclusiveness for leather cleaning. It is evident that leather upholstery is way too expensive and therefore requires highly trained professionals. Moreover, leather cleaning Brisbane should only be carried out by professionals with experience and proven record.

    At Ezydry, we have a pool of professional leather cleaning experts who have time and again restored faith of our clients through their impeccable services. Leather upholstery after some use, looks untidy, is unhealthy as it can get damp, and can even emit foul smell. This is regardless of the fact that the quality of leather used is the best. it is because the very nature of leather is to absorb moisture and breathe. But, if its pores gets clogged due to use, then the moisture retained in its layers start to breed bacteria, mould, and fungi; resulting in foul smell.

    Our professionals understand the nature of leather and inspect the damage before they actually start the treatment. The process involved in leather cleaning Gold Coast is highly methodological and meticulous our experts, post analyzing the leather and its quality, treat the surface with best suited Ph leather creme. This ensures, mould build up, dogs, and minor stains are removed from the surface without damaging or chafing it.

    Further, the leather cleaning Brisbane experts apply conditioning creme to moisturize the leather ensuring it sufficiently retains the volume, texture, and feel as it has in new condition. However, our experts are precarious about the application methods and quantity of conditioner to be applied. This is to ascertain that the leather only retains sufficient moisture to regains its glory but does not gets greasy or uncomfortable. As for checklist, our professionals at leather cleaning Gold Coast and Brisbane carry out the following activities to leave you satisfied with our services and win us your loyal clientele.

    • Inspect Leather to determine what cleaning product is needed
    • Apply our Leather cleaner by hand working the leather to a pristine Clean
    • Apply a conditioner to Re — Nourish the leather, leaving ie at her soft and conditioned
    • Apply a protector to help with the harshness of sun and climate
    • Offer a time-line for next cleaning to prevent any cracking and drying

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