Carpet and Rug Cleaning

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    Carpet and Rug Cleaning

    With the ever-growing threat of germs and diseases entering our homes and businesses, using the services of a professional carpet cleaner is a must.

    Research has shown that carpet carries more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. Check out this blog here for some eye-opening information.

    Here at EzyDry we know all too well the damage dirty carpets can cause. Carpeting is a big investment for most people. It makes sense to take care of that investment by regularly having EzyDry complete a thorough and deep clean of your soft surfaces. Regular cleaning not only prolongs the life of your carpet but provides a healthy and clean environment.

    Combining the most current cleaning techniques with exceptional eco-friendly products, you are guaranteed to have the most hygienic carpet and rugs in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

    For residential settings, EzyDry suggests scheduling a deep clean every 12 months. If you have pets it is necessary to clean your carpets and rugs every 6 months.

    In commercial settings, we recommend a deep carpet cleaning every 12 months. This allows your staff and customers to breathe easily and gives you the comfort of providing a clean space.

    EzyDry is committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly products and techniques. We use the following to ensure our commitment is always met.


    • Water-efficient machines and processes
    • Hot water extraction to ensure a deep clean every time
    • Fast-drying times to prevent interruptions to your daily life
    • Advanced stain treatments
    • Trained and experienced technicians
    • Eco-friendly products
    Spot carpet cleaning

    We all know the challenges of dealing with stains on our flooring. If you are in between EzyDry deep cleans and find a stain, we can clean it right out. For homes or offices, the site of a stain can bring down the whole feeling of your space.

    Here at EzyDry, we don’t recommend the DIY approach when it comes to stains. Inferior
    products can cause more damage to your carpets, then the stain itself. EzyDry has the skills and products to easily and gently remove stains on your carpet or furniture.

    We have several levels of cleaning solutions to suit every budget.

    Call EzyDry today, or complete our online quote form to start your journey to exceptionally clean floors.


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