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office carpet cleaning gold coast
carpet cleaning Gold Coast
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Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious chores. No matter how well you have tried to maintain it, it attracts lots of dust, grease, pollen, irritants, and allergens. It is also a fact that whether the carpet is at home or in office it requires professional cleaning from time to time. Moreover, if left unattended these carpets start looking unhealthy and can also cause several health problems. And not to forget about the negative outlook that it adds to the ambience of the office or home.

At Ezydry, we take office carpet cleaning Gold Coast, as one of our most essential services and have the best professionals to take care of the chore. it is also a fact that our offices have much greater footfall than our home and so the carpets at our offices in Gold Coast tend to get soiled more often than those at our homes. Aligned to this view, we offer services through which we cEean carpets thoroughly and with modern techniques.

We recommend that office carpets should be cleaned every 12 months to maintain a high level of hygiene. Think about all the sick leave your company can save. We also clean office chairs including sanitising.

At Ezydry, we are committed to Eco—sustainability, platinum office carpet cleaning Brisbane experience, and with assurance that our cleaning mechanism will add health and cleanliness to your office. To achieve such desired results we have put the following in place:

  • Technology that uses minimum water
  • Experienced professionals with proven track record
  • Strict No to harsh or unhealthy chemicals
  • Human and Pet friendly cleanliness approach
  • In Time and cost effective office carpet cleaning process

Additionally, if you are also worried about the stains that appear due to wear and tear or through prolonged use of carpet, then Ezdry is certainly the way to go. Our professionals have been cleansing stains over all sorts of carpets and have proven record to get rid of it. However, it is advisable that stains should not be self-treated. It hampers the chances of getting it removed even by professionals for office carpet cleaning Gold Coast. The simple reason for it is, as you fly to treat the stains with chemicals, it dissolves the dust and grease and allows them to settle deeper down in the fabric layers. Along with regular office carpet cleaning Brisbane services we also offer platinum services. Some of the key service differences between the regular and platinum services for our office carpet cleaning are mentioned below.

Basic Office Carpet Cleaning Includes

  • Pre vacuuming
  • Pre treat stains
  • Pre treat traffic lanes
  • Pre spray carpet with carpet shampoo
  • High powered steam clean or Encapsulation(Cimex)
  • final inspection

Platinum Office Carpet Cleaning Includes:

  • Pre inspection
  • Pre vacuuming
  • Pre treat stains
  • Pre treat traffic lanes
  • Pre spray with Carpet shampoo
  • Encapsulation machine(Cimex ), Guarantees no re soiling
  • Groom carpet pile
  • Apply scotch guard protection (We use Genuine DuPont Teflon Protection)
  • final inspection

At Ezdry, whether it is basic or platinum that you have opted, we deploy the best professionals who know their trade and have proven their prowess. We continually strive to achieve best satisfaction level for our clients for office carpet cleaning Gold Coast and Brisbane.

carpet cleaning gold coast

office carpet cleaning gold coast

office carpet cleaning Brisbane