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Mattress Cleaning

Ezydry carpet cleaning service many hotels and resorts along with households around the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas , with over 15 years experience we guarantee all mattresses are cleaned to the highest quality and customer satisfaction . Don't be fooled by these ultra light or vacuum systems they are just a surface clean. We at Ezydry use a high powered Steam clean to thoroughly rinse the fabric removing Dust Mites and there eggs, we use a anti - microbial treatment which kills all bacteria and prevents mould spores , giving your mattress the ultimate sanitisation, we then apply a deodoriser and apply a anti dust - mite treatment to finish the process. Ezydry believe in competitive pricing and the more mattresses you do we will discount the final cost by 20 % . If you have children with Allergies or Asthma you really should be cleaning the mattresses at least once every 12 months. A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside .Would you let people , especially children live in this environment ? Of course you wouldn't so have your mattress cleaned professionally and improve their health.

Mattress cleaning is one of the most important cleaning procedures around the house. Many people would not be aware of the fact that their mattress is actually one of the major house pollutants , especially older mattresses. Given the nature and make of older mattresses , they tend to accumulate dust , pollen , bacteria , mould, fungi and a whole range of other irritants and pollutants which could eventually prove harmfully. Over a period of time , everyday use of the mattress leaves skin residue in the form of millions of dead cells , which happen to be a substantial part of the visible house dust found around the room. The accumulation of dead skin cells over time will inevitably lead to the forming of dust mites, a colony of tiny insect invaders that can cause many health problems including skin rashes and other external irritations.

Ezydry wishes to extend this useful , value for money service to more households and businesses and encourage families with small children to take advantage of this offer and have their mattresses professionally cleaned and disinfected . Another versatile thing about our mattress cleaning service is the fact that the bulky , awkward mattress will not have to be moved at all as our trained technicians will simply clean the mattress where it is - this saves a load of time and effort and makes life easier for everyone. Customers can be sure that all work will be done without the use of toxic chemicals or harsh solvents.

If you want your mattress cleaned right the first time then call EZYDRY to deliver the best mattress clean you have ever experienced ! Guaranteed


To have your mattress hygienically cleaned!
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Mould spores, allergens, dust mites and bacteria could
be in your mattress?
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To have your mattress 
hygienically cleaned!
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