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office carpet cleaning gold coast
carpet cleaning Gold Coast
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Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Ezydry carpet cleaning offers Top quality carpet cleaning at moderate prices. If your carpets look tired and worn from the daily beating, then it is defiantly time to call Ezydry and have your carpets rejuvenated at the fraction of the cost. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended to be done at least once a year as this is the only proven way to keep your carpets looking cleaner and healthier. Carpets generally accumulate great amounts of dust , pollen , insect eggs , bacteria and other irritants which may effect Asthma sufferers or Allergy prone individuals occupying the property.

Carpet cleaning is a technical process which is best left to the professionals , especially stain treatment . We at Ezydry carry the latest and most advanced stain treatment products available, the most common problem is soon as a stain becomes evident our natural instinct is to start rubbing and using varies products to remove the stain , please call the Professionals you will do more harm than good , if we act quickly we can remove any stain the longer you leave it in your carpet the harder it is to remove and can become permanent.

Ezydry works under an Eco - Sustainability policy and will keep water waste at minimum and will not use any harsh or toxic chemicals during the cleaning. Should we need a more aggressive treatment , our technicians will only use a sparing amount in order to get the job done without exposing occupants or pets to danger of intoxication. Each carpet cleaning appointment is carried out by a team of professional carpet cleaning technicians which know the trade inside out and will perform exceptional every time. We at Ezydry offer the latest most advanced systems for cleaning your carpets and Rugs , Encapsulation and Steam Cleaning , We also offer a Platinum service for our clients with heavily stained carpets or who simply wants the best !!!

Basic Clean Includes

  • 1.Pre inspection
  • 2.Pre vacuuming
  • 3.Pre treat stains
  • 4.Pre treat traffic lanes
  • 5.Pre spray carpet with carpet shampoo
  • 6.High powered steam clean or Encapsulation ( Cimex )
  • 7.Final inspection
  • Platinum Service
  • 1.Pre inspection
  • 2.Pre vacuuming
  • 3.Pre treat stains
  • 4.Pre treat traffic lanes
  • 5.Pre spray with Carpet shampoo
  • 7.Encapsulation machine ( Cimex ) Guarantees no re soiling , carpets stay cleaner longer
  • 8.Groom carpet pile
  • 9.Apply scotch guard protection ( We only use Genuine DuPont Teflon Protection )
  • 10.Final inspection
  • 6.Pre inspection

carpet cleaning gold coast

office carpet cleaning gold coast

office carpet cleaning Brisbane